Web Series: Bengaluru Queens

04 . Apr . 2017
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Season 1, Episode 1

Bengaluru Queens a web series by Winkwhistle Productions has just come out with it’s first episode, taking the Kannada audience on an entertaining ride. The series is about three girls that have only one thing in common, the apartment they share. Adhrithi Shetty in the tech Tanu avatar and Sushmitha Gowda as Kirik Karishma are the perfect foil to one another. Chaithra J Achar aka Silent Swathi is the third flat-mate who resembles a saas bahu saga’s heroine, demure, innocent and occasionally stupid.

What’s wow? For the audience that is tired of television and its series which are mostly in the daily format could find Bengaluru Queens entertaining. In fact, for college goers, primarily female students, this could be just the thing.

Directed and produced by Anish, Bengaluru Queens has plans of airing a total of eight episodes. The duration, slightly over thirteen minutes is just right. The industry as a whole might go through a transformation with Series like these exploring contemporary situations with a modern treatment.

What’s blah: The web series could come across slightly loud at places but with the content they are showcasing and the desired target audience, the extra hue in production design or animated dialogue delivery can be ignored

Parting shot: Women and girls are steadily getting over the Family-Drama poison flooding the Indian television, national or regional. Most are very conscious of their individuality and Bengaluru Queens can be very relatable for them. The entertainment quotient is high which will keep the audience hooked. If the language is a problem, subtitles are busy doing their job.

Cast: Adhvithi Shetty, Sushmitha Gowda, Chaitra J Achar, Salman

Director: Anish

Duration: 13:07

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