Be a part of the biggest love saga of the year as ALTBalaji and ZEE5 launch the trailer of It Happened in Calcutta

14 . Feb . 2020
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Some love stories are defined by the lovers’ togetherness and some by the lovers’ separation and nothing says this better than ALTBalaji and ZEE5 as they launch the biggest love saga of the year, IT HAPPENED IN CALCUTTA. This unique period love story featuring Karan Kundrra and Naghma Rizwan will melt you heart, break it and then med it again. Set against the backdrop of Calcutta in 1960s, it will invoke a sense of nostalgia for the  love-story set in the period of 60s and 70s when fashion was retro and love carefree while the country was dealing with political unrest, war and cholera. With February being the month of love, It Happened In Calcutta, gives audiences a fresh perspective on love and betrayal and how it can transcend across a decade.

It Happened in Calcutta revolves around Kusum, a young girl who aspires to become the first female doctor in the city and gets an admission in the Calcutta Medical College to fulfil her dream. In the college she comes across a privileged, arrogant and devastatingly handsome boy named Ronobir and falls in love with him. But there is more to this tale than what meets the eye. What follows is a series of events, leading to separation that makes Kusum lose faith in Ronobir & love. While they mature over time, it’s their love that takes a beating leading to moments where they are unable to stand each other. Will they ever love each other again?

The trailer gets it absolutely spot on in terms of raising curiosity around the show. While there are elements of romance, college life, enjoying the Retro era of the 60s and 70s, the treatment given to the plot, that also features the lead pair surviving the Indo-Pak war in 1971 and dealing with the cholera outbreak, the viewers will experience a love story that they’ve never seen before. The story also deals with issues like abortions that were not legal at that time, leading to women suffering and dying from illegal abortions; society telling a woman, that her place is to be a nurse and not a doctor. Constantly crossing paths, the chemistry between Kusum and Ronobir, that starts right from the time they meet in college, is filled with ups and downs in this patriarchal setup.

Speaking about the upcoming show, Karran Kundra who plays Ronobir said, “This show is very different than other regular love stories. I look forward to the reaction of the viewers after watching the trailer. Set in the 60’s & 70s, the show is based in Calcutta and depicts the love story of Kusum and Ronobir. I am playing the flamboyant character of Ronobir, which I am sure will be loved by my fans. And what more can I ask for, with the show launching in the month of love itself !”

Directed by Ken Ghosh, It Happened in Calcutta features a talented set of actors like Karan Kundrra, Naghma Rizwan, Harman Singha, Pamela Bhutoria, Sunanda Wong, Simran Kaur Mundi amongst others !

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