Bazinga! It’s time to ‘Quaran- Binge’ the noice-est shows on Comedy Central!

26 . Mar . 2020
Reading Time: 1 minute

Are you bored out of your mind and can’t decide what to watch? Is quarantine feeling like quaran-tire? Worry no further! Comedy Central, India’s leading English Entertainment channel is set to provide non-stop entertainment with ‘Quaran- Binge’ which will offer back-to-back marathons of your favourite shows. Brace yourselves because the coolest cop squad and the quirkiest bunch of scientists are going to ensure that they lighten up your mood and keep you in splits all day long.

Kickstarting with the cool cool cool-est cop comedy, Brooklyn Nine- Nine, seasons 1 to 7, will air starting 26th March at 10.30 am onwards. ‘With all due respect, ignore everything around you’ and watch the most eccentric bunch of police officers bring infinite smiles to you in your living rooms! We won’t judge you if your room looks like Peralta’s locker as you glue yourselves to your couches. Once they bid you adieu, the science enthusiasts will keep you company as The Big Bang Theory seasons 1 to 11 will air on the 28th of March, 9.30 pm onwards. Play ‘Rock. Paper. Scissor. Lizard. Spock’, knock exactly thrice on Penny’s door or sing Soft Kitty out to Sheldon, there is always room for more entertainment. Quaran-Binge on your favourite characters and join them on the rollercoaster of laughter, only on Comedy Central.

Tune in to Comedy Central for a ‘Quaran- Binge’ for infinite laughter and entertainment 26th March, 10.30 am onwards.