20 . Sep . 2019
Reading Time: 1 minute

Challenging the man of the house is no easy task. If you’ve ever tried to outwit your father – our sympathies, because that definitely did not have a happy ending.

TSP joins forces with Truecaller to present a comedy of errors that transpires as Abhinav decides to embark on a night out with his friends and scheme his father into giving him his car. Thus, ensues a battle of wits between father and son. But if Abhinav thought he’s got a trick or two up his sleeve, his father’s got many, many more!

We’ve all tried our conning skills on our parents, but very few have made the cut. From having lied to our dads about a group study night to convincing them with our puppy-dog eyes, we have tried it all! Regardless of all the efforts Abhinav puts in, his papa is always a step ahead. Seeing his papa get the better of him is very much a head-scratching frustration we all can relate to and feel in our guts. And this comical video featuring Abhinav Anand, Anant Singh ‘Bhaatu’, Ayushi Gupta, Deepesh Jagdish, and Harish Peddinti portrays it with perfection and is too good to miss!

While Abhinav will be back with another way to defeat his father, you can check out his hilarious, yet  failed, attempts at almost getting his way in the latest edition of Baap Baap Hota Hai: Night Out ki Permission.

Watch the video here: