3 Banned Bollywood films that will rock the streaming world

25 . Oct . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Bollywood has several blockbusters and superhit films that are mass entertainers. Along with that, Bollywood also has some controversial films that became controversial because of the skin show or because of the concepts. Such films saw the light of the day finally, but only after being maimed and fractured. Today, with the streaming platforms procuring films right, left and centre, it could become a platform to screen such banned or heavily censored films.

We made a list of 5 controversial films that would make for great viewing if streamed without censorship.

#1 Kamasutra: A Tale of Love

Kamasutra is one of the most controversial Bollywood films. Directed by Mira Nair, it told the story of sexual jealousy and competition. There were two versions of the film – one that was launched outside India and one that was released in India. The Indian version was heavily censored and lost all its sensuality. Even today, many Indians look for links of the US version of the film on illegal websites. Kamasutra: A Tale of Love has some of the sexiest full-frontal nudity and sexual intercourse scenes. It’d be great to see the US version of the film on any of the streaming platforms.

#2 Maya Memsaab

Maya Memsaab courted controversy when it was first released. It was one of the few films that showed frontal nudity in a sexual context. This Ketan Mehta film, which also starred a young Shah Rukh Khan had him in sexual intercourse scenes with Metha’s wife, Deepa Sahi. That scene was deleted in Indian cinemas after a huge hue and cry. People who have seen that scene – that included post production crew for the foreign version – said that the scene was one of the most tastefully done sensual scenes in Indian cinema. Whether the uncensored version could ever be released on a streaming platform remains to be seen.

#3 Fire

Back in the 90s, Fire was the most controversial Bollywood film. A Mira Nair film that explored a lesbian relationship at its core and Indian sexuality, patriarchy and other such social evils, the film was about to be banned. What released in India was a fractured, amputated version that deleted all the controversial scenes.

This is our list of Bollywood mainstream films that would rock if released uncensored on the streaming platforms. Do you have any to add, tell us in the comments section.