Balancing between two starkly different roles – How did Rohan Shah pull it off?

13 . Feb . 2020
Reading Time: 1 minute

2020 is definitely the year for Rohan! We are not even two months into the year, and the 25-year-old is all set to take the digital as well as the movie industry by a storm! With two major releases – India’s first Instagram-only web-series Firsts by Dice Media and Vikram Bhatt’s movie Hacked, Rohan seems to have found a sweet start to the year.

In Dice Media’s Firsts, Rohan plays a school boy who falls in love for the first time. Each episode lasts just a minute, yet beautifully captures the significant “firsts” in their relationship – the first time they saw each other, their first conversation, their first date and so much more. In striking contrast to the lover boy personality Rohan portrays the character of a 19-year-old obsessive cyberbully in Hacked. He stalks a married woman to the extent of invading her private and professional life using technology and eventually blackmailing her.

So, how was it for Rohan to tackle two starkly different roles, and give his best to both?

On touching base with him, Rohan says “I was shooting 12-15 hours for Hacked for almost 4 months which was a murky and destructive character; it naturally affects you because the character stays with you. So, when I began shooting for Firsts, it was like happiness to me. I was reminiscing school love all over again, and I wanted to be in love. That’s when I decided that I won’t dub for Hacked and told my director to let me feel my character in Firsts completely, just like I did for my movie.” He further says, “As an actor, it’s very important to feel your role, only then can you do your best. And realising this was my biggest strength, which allowed me to give myself completely to both my roles, without compromising on either.”