Balaji Telefilms Stock is Up, ALTBalaji Looks at 30 Millions Downloads Soon

15 . Jun . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Balaji Telefilms, the mother company of ALTBalaji is looking at surge in their share price. According to a report in IIFL, the Balaji Telefilms stock price has increased from Rs. 148. 9 to Rs. 152.45.  that’s a 2.38% increase.  On the ALTBalaji front of things, the company has 3 million downloads currently and is aiming at 30 to 40 million downloads in time.  According to the IIFL report, the company is also looking at increasing its subscribers to 2 million.

And the company is working towards this aim. It is collaborating with content platforms and announcing new projects left, right and centre. With more than 50 webseries announced, ALTBalaji has one of the biggest inventories of online-only content in India.