Five Badass Fictional Meta-Women You Can Stream Now

08 . Mar . 2018
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Women’s Day here, and while the television channels will come up with a barrage of women special films, the streaming platforms have had strong women characters since a while. Here’s a list of five women-oriented films and series that you can stream today:

Wonder Woman:

The film that was decades in the making and finally broke the glass ceiling. This is one of the rare female oriented films that didn’t mope about being a woman – but celebrated it instead. With a female director, Patty Jenkins at the helm, this film gave us the wonderful Gal Gadot and is one of the rare gems in the DC inventory. Wonder Woman is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek has been long accused of being a Men’s Club – ever since it first started broadcast decades ago. But all that changed in 2017 when a Star Trek spinoff with a female character broke ground on TV and streaming. Star Trek: Discovery had a female, Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) sit on the hot seat. The Star Trek series was a critical success and has now been commissioned for a second season.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones started off sound and slow but is now considered to be one of the forerunners of female superheroes in streaming and TV. Krysten Ritter played the character to the hilt and has become somewhat of a fan favourite in the Marvel Universe.

Jefferson Pierce (Black Lightning)

The daughter of a superhero must be a superhero, right? Well, that’s the concept behind Cress Williams, the daughter of the Marvel Superhero Black Lightning, who also possesses superpowers. The character is interesting, as it infuses typical teenage angst with the aspect of growing up with superpowers.

Anissa Pierce (Black Lightning)

Another strong metahuman in the Black Lightning universe. Anissa Pierce is the mature, all grown up version of the female superhero. The story arc following both the daughters of the superhero Jefferson Pierce is something that fans are looking forward to.

These are the five female supeheroes you can stream right now. What’s stopping you?

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