Aya Cash and Eric Kripke on Casting Stormfront and Gender Flipping the role in Season 2 of The Boys

04 . Sep . 2020
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The first season of Amazon’s The Boys came like the breath of fresh air. If you think that Season 1 of ‘The Boys’ was wild and insane, the second season will surely take you on a crazy adventure ride with the introduction of Stormfront. Played by Aya Cash, this particular character will spice things up on the screen as she joins as the newest member of The Seven.

The Boys is one of the most exciting shows currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. After a successful season one, showrunner Eric Kripke’s plans for Season 2 include adding new characters like Stormfront played by ‘You’re the worst’ star Aya Cash who original in the comic was a Man. Divulging into the character formation Aya Cash and Showrunner and Executive Producer Eric Kripke has something exciting to say.

Aya Cash on playing a complex character like Stormfront said, “I think it’s really fun, I think they swept the gender intentionally and not just because they needed another lady. They thought a lot about how to tell the story best this time and that a woman will be an interesting choice.’ She further adds, “There are so many reasons why I wouldn’t have been cast in the show and the fact that they let me do it is just incredible. I get to come in and get to be really bad which is both fun and sometimes uncomfortable and hard. “

Eric Kripke on casting a Female Stormfront said, “The reason we made Stormfront female was really for two reasons. One is that we are really looking to create the worst possible nightmare for Homelander and the worst thing that could happen to Homelander was a woman who wasn’t scared of him and stealing his spotlight because he is a big gaping hole of insecurity ultimately. The idea that a woman can be more popular than him and not be scared of him is so unbearable with him. So we thought we wanted a character who at first you sort of liked and as the season goes on, you would be like ‘oh dear god! there are so many awful things about this character’.” On Aya Cash, he mentioned that “Aya is a genius. I think in our very first audition session I was like ‘ah, there she is’. She is so smart and her comic timing is just so incredible. Really the strength of her intelligence and her wit, we need someone who is will stand in front of Homelander and intimate him and not the other way around and she just had that strength, character and humor that she could do it.