Awesome Horror Sex Films You Can Stream for Valentine’s Day

10 . Feb . 2018
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Horror and sex go hand in hand in the film industry.  These are just want the doctor orders if you are looking to add some spice to your Valentine’s Night. Most horror films have generous amounts of sleaze and gore, whether it’s Bollywood or Hollywood. While every horror film has a sex scene, some films and web series have iconic sex scenes that remain memorable long after the film or series is done with. We list nine such web series and films available on streaming.

  1. The Babysitter (Netflix)

The Babysitter is the second film from the new wave that’s hitting the horror genre – where the films are fun, the other one being Little Evil. The Netflix original is about a young boy who finds out that his babysitter is a member of a murderous cult. The concept itself was irreverent – marrying off a corny sex comedy with a slasher horror and it played quite well with a brand-new audience. The Babysitter has several intimate and pseudo sex orgy scenes.  And of course, the unrequited love angle between a teenager and a Babysitter adds all the Valentine’s melodrama.

  1. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (Netflix)

America connects sex with summer – and it takes a smart scriptwriter to connect sex, summer to horror. That’s exactly what happens in All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. Mandy Lane is a young girl who invites boys to a summer party at her house, only to see the house turned into the killing venue for a spree killer.  This one has a few make-out scenes and an oral sex scene. The film has a lot about love, with at least two couples and their love life at the forefront, that’s just right for a warm and sizzling Valentine’s eve.

  1. Ragini MMS Returns (ALTBalaji)

The Indian franchise that took the horror genre by storm in India had a spin-off web series that starred the super sexy Karishma Sharma as part of a college group who are haunted by an unknown, supernatural entity. Along with Karishma Sharma, several other actors decided to bare and dare in the series, including Raima Sen. Ragini MMS has some of the hottest actors and actresses in the streaming scene – including some soul-crushingly beautiful ones. So, if you’d like to spend your Valentine’s with other beautiful people, Ragini MMS Returns is the one series for you.

  1. Bram Stoker’s Dracula (Amazon Prime)

The supernatural film to begin all supernatural film. Bram Stoker’s Dracula was a seminal benchmark in horror films and was one of the few films about the infamous bloodsucking vampire. Dracula was one of the few films that portrayed Dracula not just as a vampire but also a philanderer and a fantastic lover. This film has several love-making and intimate scenes. Dracula might not seem to be a great Valentine’s Day fare – but for those couples looking for some edgy content -Bram Stoker’s Dracula is the place to go.

  1. Zombie Strippers (Amazon Prime)

Nobody thinks this film is good film-making, but if you are looking for some cool stripper fun with some sci-fi of zombie included, head over to Amazon Prime for this film. It’s about, you guessed it, zombies invading a stripper club and the strippers turning into zombies, including adult star Jenna Jameson, who’s playing one of the strippers. A lot of stripping action in here. Zombie Strippers is less about love and more about amazing beauty – again something for the edgy couples out there.

  1. Raaz Franchise (Amazon Prime)

The first film in this series, Raaz, single-handedly gave legitimacy to Bollywood horror films in the modern era. Featuring the stunning couple Dino Morea and Bipasha Basu, it has equal parts of sex and horror – and both worked towards making the film a superhit and making the brand strong enough to have a couple of sequels. Raaz works as a story of unrequited and undying love – couples will surely see a spark reignited.

  1. Ghost Team One (Amazon Prime)

There are ghosts and then there are ghosts who are looking to have sex. Ghost Team One tackles the latter. The film, available on Amazon Prime now is about two Ghost investigators who team up with a young, beautiful but novice female Ghost investigator, only to find that they are tackling a Ghost who’s horny – even after death.

  1. Ludo (Amazon Prime)

This is one of the lesser known horror films that have smattering of sex scenes. Two couples go to a mall for some privacy, only to unwittingly become part of a grisly game that promises to be fatal for both the couples. The film has some scenes of sexual intimacy. Surely, some couples have thought about leaving it all and going away – well, Ludo is a film that’ll stop you right in your tracks.

  1. Saat Saal Baad (Amazon Prime)

Saat Saal Baad is one of the few campy Bollywood films that are now available on streaming. The film is about a married couple who buy a picturesque hotel at a hill station, but few people visit. Later, when hordes of youngers come in, there’s more intimate scenes than killing scenes.

The are some horror sex films that will keep the romantic couples hooked on their streaming screens Do you think we missed some, or do you have your special favourites? Tell us in the comments section!

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