‘Avsaad’ by Percept Pictures strives to create an awareness on depression

07 . Apr . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

This year, WHO is leading a one-year global campaign on depression.

Indian Chronicles’ Digital Wing Percept Pictures in order to mark that has made an effort to raise awareness via a short film, Avasaad.

On ‘Avsaad’ and its concept, Aditya Joshi, Senior Manager, Marketing, Percept Pictures says, “Every third person is dealing with a globally recognized major mental disorder Depression, and even the WHO has raised this as the key focus area for 2017. Given the scale of the problem we decided it was high time to tackle this sensitive issue and create a unique film which explores this area in a delicate yet practical manner.”

Depression is a mental health disorder and challenge faced by over 300 million people around the globe. However, Indian Chronicles has its focus specifically on female victims in this video.  As described by the makers, “This Poetic Short Film with its stark visuals showcases the mind-set a girl who is battling Depression and conveys her consistent internal struggle of what it feels like to live with this mental health problem.”

Avasaad, cast on a thought provoking poem by Kumar Mukul is a montage of traditional black and white shots mainly. Though there isn’t much to look out for in the film in terms of its making, the subject is extremely crucial to the health of our society in today’s day and age.

Anuradha Nishad, Director, ‘Avsaad’ said, “Depression alone accounts for over 7% of the total disease burden in India. But we never address it because most of our families and friends don’t believe it exists or simply suppress it out of sheer fear of social stigma. I too have suffered from depression for a while and it wasn’t possible for me to express verbally or share how it really felt with anyone. I therefore struck upon the creative idea of creating memorable stark visuals to my words and presenting a unique short film that could depict the issues, loneliness and tribulations faced by people battling depression.”

To watch the film, click on the link below.