Auto Shankar Review : This ZEE5 original web series keeps the audience gripped

17 . May . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

ZEE5 has jumped on the crime bandwagon with a host of web series that tell the audience about the various true crimes that the country has experienced. It recently hosted a web series that talked about a criminal who became one of the first police encounters of India. Now, ZEE5 brings to us the story of Auto Shankar, a criminal who thrived in the early decades and was finally hanged until death. This is the complete review of the ZEE5 series, Auto Shankar.

Shankar is a young man who had taken to a life of crime. As he becomes bigger in the game of life, he falls in love with a dancer, thereby becoming unfaithful to his wife. However, that is just the beginning of his issues, as powerful criminals want him and powerful politicians want his lover.

What’s wowAuto Shankar has been set up on a grand scale. The series is one of the few that doesn’t glorify the criminal to a great extent. The performances from a simply South cast is good and brings out the gritty nature of the story.

The screenplay is fast and moves from story arc  to story story arc in a quick and efficient manner. The lead character does a good job of playing the flawed character who comes across as a man who couldn’t handle his circumstances.  The action sequences in the series are well made too. Streaming audiences are not yet accustomed to the slow Mo action sequences.

What’s BlahThe concept is good and so is the direction, but the screenplay leaves a bit to be desired. The timelines are a bit warped, so audiences might be confused a bit.

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Parting Shot : Auto Shankar is a lively take in a dark crime of the past.

Cast & Crew

Cast : Sarath Appani, Arjun Chidambaram, Swayam Siddha, Selva Pandian, Praveen R.

Writer: Maniji

Editor: Nikhil Sreekumar

Art director: G. Durairaj

Music director: Arrol Cornell

Exec Producer: Murali Krishnan

Director: Ranga

Watch the trailer here :