Anita Hassanandani: “Doing a web series is challenging, because it’s a shift from the dramatic, over the top acting.”

10 . Apr . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Well known TV actress Anita Hassanandani, has made her digital debut with ALTBalaji’s Galti Se Mis-tech, a modern day couple story. In a free-wheeling chat with, Anita talks about her new found love for web entertainment and why the platform is continuously gaining popularity.

How relatable is the concept of Galti Se Mis-tech vis-à-vis your real life?

When I first read the script of the series, my first reaction was that it is me! It is relatable and every girl’s story. The kind of goof-ups we have shown (in the series), keep happening unknowingly. As an actor, doing the series was challenging, because it is a shift from the dramatic, over the top acting one gets used to (doing). For me, this was unusual, different, and very realistic.

What made you shift to the digital medium? As an actor, how do you compare web series with TV shows and films?

It is surely a more evolved platform, and as a medium, it is more open to ideas, you can do things out of the box. You can experiment and can have a lot of realistic situations happening. It also has a different target audience. And for an actor it is imperative to be able to appeal to a wide variety of target audiences. The medium plays host to a great variety of shows; overall there are some great stories being told on the web. Besides that, the web ventures have a definite number of seasons – hence a proper end; whereas for a regular TV show, you just keep shooting. It is pretty thrilling for me.

This is your first ever venture with Rithvik Dhanjani. How was your camaraderie with him?

For a show like this, the chemistry (between the actors) is important. Rithvik and I have been friends for a real long time and were comfortable with each other. We have added some instances from our own lives too. We discussed how our partners would react on certain situations – how Rohit (Anita’s husband) would behave in a situation like this, and how Asha (Rithvik’s partner) would behave in a certain situation.

After Galti Se Mis-tech, are you game to doing more digital ventures?

The medium is really interesting, and they are making really good stuff. It is much better than what I thought.

As an audience, how often do you binge watch?

When I am at it, I am at it (laughs). I finish the entire series at once, and then look forward to the next season. I am a self-confessed binge watcher. Recently, I enjoyed Test Case and Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain on ALTBalaji. I like little light humour comedy, and romance. I also like streaming short video formats. With my husband, we watch sci-fi stuff. We watched 1922 on Netflix – it’s a mix of thriller spookiness. I absolutely relate to the term – Netflix and chill.

You are immensely active on social media, how do you handle trolls and negative comments?

​The good part about social media is that you can connect to your fans. You always get some negative and positive comments, but over time, I have started to ignore the negative comments. You need to realize that people have to be vella (without work) to be mean on social media. Now it doesn’t bother me at all.