Anand Tiwari: My problem is that we are still talking about content as female centric series

11 . Jul . 2018
Reading Time: 3 minutes

TheDigitalHash speaks exclusively to Anand Tiwari, the producer of the super hit Indian web series, Girl in the City.

Anand Tiwari is back with the third season of Girl in the City, starring the talented Mithila Palkar. We talk to Anand about his experience producing a show and working with Mithila Palkar, and what it means to make a light drama for the streaming audiences today.

Tell us, what goes behind creating Meera in the web series.

It’s a collaborative process that includes a team that has worked very closely to develop Meera and the others in this series. This is a joint process of the creative producers, the director, me and Amrit have been closely associated with the team.

How is Mithila Palkar to work with?

She is terrific. I know her since many years now. I had a feeling since then that she will achieve stardom. We got her to play a role in one of our other series and then we had her play Meera in Girl in the City.

What’s great about Mithila is that she’s got a great sense of professionalism at a very young age. She’s a very good sense of the character as well.  The third season will have her coming on her own as an entrepreneur. She will deal with the biggest challenges that one can face in today’s scenario. It’s going to be very interesting, let’s see what Meera as a character tells you.

Your thoughts on Mithila as an actor?

She plays every character with such a great understanding of the character that every time you see her as a character, you think that there can be nobody else who can play that character. That is the most amazing characteristic that she has.

What part of Meera’s life story will we see in the third season?

See, after a while, it is the characters who lead themselves. They tell the writers where they want to go. Whatever trials and tribulations that they go through, they have created them. We want to create this series as not just something that a girl in Mumbai or Delhi will watch. We want to make this series for every small-town girl who’s in a big city and has come there with dreams. At the end of the day, Girl in the City is the fulfilment of a dream.

What’s the message in this web series?

The message in this series is that nothing comes easily to you. You must work hard for whatever you want to achieve. If your heart is in the right place, and you are dedicated to your ambition, you will achieve it.

How different it is to produce a tv series and a web series?

Everything that you do in the film industry is similar and has differences too. The immediacy of the digital platform is what’s most exciting. You get an immediate feedback from the audience and you know whether they have liked it or not. We find out whether it has resonated with them or not. If it has not resonated, you find out that in the comments or they are talking about your series. So, you need to keep your ears open.

How important is Mumbai as a character in your web series, have you spoken about specific areas in Mumbai in the series?

The background is not as specific as that. We do get into the detailing like where she must run this place because the character cannot afford a certain part of Mumbai. That is not the focus of the series. We are not going into the Mumbai life. It must be open enough so that people who are living in any part of the world to identify. If it is too specific, it can alienate some part of the audience.

More female centric cinema is on the way. Why do you think that’s happening?

We are still talking about female centric cinema. We never talk about male centric content and cinema. The fact that we are still calling this female centric is telling us that we are not doing it enough. I am hoping for a time when we don’t have this conversation about female centric stories. We should reach the situation when the gender, the sexuality of the character shouldn’t be a genre itself. We can’t call stories about more than 50 percent of our population as a sub-genre.

What’s next for you?

We are doing many things with several platforms. We are doing something with Amazon that’s very close to our hearts. We are also doing something big with a big platform that’s coming to India, I will speak more on that when I can.

The Mithila Palkar – Rajat Barmecha starrer web series Girl in the City will be streaming on the Bindaas channel soon.