Ankit Bhatia nominated at Berlin Film Festival in Best Actor category for ‘All About Sec 377’

03 . Aug . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Amit Khanna must be on seventh heaven right now. His film titled ‘All Sec 377’ won a nomination at the prestigious Berlin Film Festival. As the name suggests, the film spoke about the section 377, the law that criminalises homosexuality in India. TheDigitalHash got in touch with the director, Amit Khanna and the actor, Ankit Bhatia.

Bhatia said:

I am very excited. This was the first time I was facing the camera. This is all because of my director and co-star Amit Khanna. I am happy that he showed his confidence and had full faith in me. I cannot believe that I have been nominated at the Berlin Film Festival as best supporting actor.

Speaking exclusively to TheDigitalHash, Amit Khanna said:

I feel great on the nomination. I never really thought about it. We got eight nominations, that is huge. I have never faced the camera. Several people refused to play this role because it was about a homosexual character. It is getting international recognition, that speaks a lot.

Well, TheDigitalHash wishes the cast and crew the best of luck.