Amazon Prime releases three kid-centric pilots for review

06 . Sep . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Amazon Prime Video has put up pilot episodes of three kid centric series for review by the audiences – Skyward, Will vs. The Future, and A Kid Called Mayonnaise.

A Kid Called Mayonnaise has a kid named Mayonnaise, as his foster mother found him in a mayo box. He loves rubber ducks, and his mother is obsessed with adopting every stray. Despite this not-so-happy premise, the pilot is extremely happy and bright.

Will vs. The Future focusses on the school-going good boy Will, who dreams of a good future to help his mom. But future warrior, a young girl named Athena comes from the future to destroy a young Will, so that he doesn’t grown up to be a destroyer of sorts. But Will doesn’t find an iota of evil in him. Is Athena saying the truth? Despite being a sci-fi, the pilot is not high on graphics.

Skyward is a story of Piper a pre-teen girl who believes alien life exists ever since she and her friend Curtis witness a UFO. As they start a podcast about aliens, they get only one true listener Ira, a geek kid with hands full of gizmos and gadgets.

From these three pilots vote for the one that you like the most on Amazon Prime Video.