Amazon Prime’s Comicstaan has an interesting promo

15 . Jun . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

It could be anything. It could be about the censorship that stand-up comedy faces in the country or a new show where comedy talent tries to entertain audiences with their antics and not their jokes. That’s something like Whose Line Is It Anyway.

It’s okay, generations of Indians don’t know what Whose Line Is It Anyway, so it’s good if Amazon Prime is bringing that concept to the Indian audiences. The recent trailer has the who’s who of comic talents in India showing that comic in India is quite the censored kid.

Amazon Prime has gone big on the stand up comedy route and has become a second home to comic talent in India, like Sumukhi, who got a show of her on Amazon Prime. Other than here, several other comedy acts have worked with Amazon Prime. So, we can only wait for this new show to hit the streaming screens.

Watch the teaser here: