Amazon Prime Video to release Rachel Brosnahan’s 70’s thriller I’m Your Woman

15 . Oct . 2020
Reading Time: 1 minute

I’m Your Woman is a dramatic thriller about motherhood, family, female empowerment, and personal transformation. We follow Jean (Rachel Brosnahan) on her journey with her newborn baby as she evades her husband’s criminal past, where we witness her transformation from sheltered housewife to badass mom-on-the-run. With the support of unlikely alliances in Cal and Teri (Blake and Kene), her relatable struggle to take control of her life and realise her own power and potential, empowers audiences to rally behind her, and recognise her formidable strength.

Directed by Julia Hart and Produced by Academy Award nominee Jordan Horowitz (La La Land), Rachel Brosnahan stars alongside Marsha Stephanie Blake and Arinzé Kene.

This empowering, subversive film will see a worldwide release on Amazon Prime Video on December 11.