Web Series: Sneaky Pete, Season 2 – Amazon Prime Video

16 . Mar . 2018
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Sneaky Pete sneaked upon us sometime last year and won a lot of fans. The unique story and the great performances, not to mention a breathless screenplay made it imminently watchable. This week, the second season of Sneaky Pete hit Amazon Prime and here’s our complete review of it.

Sneaky Pete has some heavyweights behind it. The Bryan Cranston himself plays an important role in this urban crime drama with one of the most unique storylines while David Shore and him create this engaging web series. The first season was a revelation and the second season follows suit.

What’s WOW?: The 11 million are still missing, Marius is still impersonating Pete Murphy and the disjointed, dysfunctional Murphy family is still busy sweeping family secrets under the rug and giving themselves a semblance of sanity.

The best part of Sneaky Pete season 2 is that while the pace hasn’t changed the story has now evolved into something that’s not just about a dysfunctional family. All of it now capped with a sniffle of supernatural. All the people playing characters are now deep into their roles and it’s a second skin for them.  There’s a liberal scattering of emotional and duo sequences that gives the series the emotion quotient that’s needed.

What’s Blah? Nothing

Parting Shot: A great crime caper

Cast: Giovanni Ribisi, Marin Ireland, Shane McRae, Libe Barer

Created by: David Shore and Bryan Cranston

You can stream Sneaky Pete on Amazon Prime 

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