Amazon Prime Original Series Four More Shots Please! Review – 4 girls vs. a million biases

25 . Jan . 2019
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Amazon Prime Original has released its brand new series – Four More Shots Please! – that revolves around the lives of four women – Siddhi, Damini, Umang and Anjana, and the people in their lives. Each one of them is seen handling her insecurities, trying to rise above gender biases and change perceptions.

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Siddhi (Maanvi Gagroo) has issues with her mom (Simone Singh) who, since Siddhi’s childhood, has been putting her down. All her mom wants is for the outsiders to see them as a perfect family. All the love Siddhi got was from her nanny – who she fondly called Julie didi and her doting father, who is cool enough to give her a drink when she is feeling down.

Damini (Sayani Gupta) is someone who has the hots for her gynaecologist, is a journalist and has underlying feelings that she refuses to address. Almost always overworked (apart from the times she is guzzling down drinks in their favourite bar), she has professional ethics that often tends to put her in trouble, but she is never one to back down.

Umang (Bani J) comes to Mumbai from Ludhiana, where she was in love with a girl who had to marry someone else. She is proud of her sexual choices, often forgetting that not everyone has the courage to step out of the closet, as she does. She plays a gym instructor and later on, a personal trainer to superstar Samara Kapoor (Lisa Ray), who looks like she hasn’t aged a day.

Anjana (Kirti Kulhari) is a career driven single mom and is very close to her daughter. She is trying to come to terms with the fact that her ex husband has moved on. They got married in the first place because she got pregnant. When she does try moving on, all she gets from her ex is sarcasm. They share a tense relationship

Prateik plays the role of Jeh Wadia, who owns a bar named Truck, the place that brought the four girls together. He even plays the love interest of one of the girls. Watch the show to know which one.

This series gave us Veere Di Wedding feels. There is no wedding happening, though. With a starcast like this one, a stronger story would have made a tremendous impact.

 What’s WOW:

The four girls share a beautiful bond, discussing everything about their lives. They even help each other cope with stress, pulling the other person out of the most difficult situations.

Siddhi’s father – everyone should have a father like him.

The burning issue of individuals leading false lives and remaining closeted has been addressed brilliantly. It is sure to make the straight ones think they are having it easy.

The dialogue – Men love curves. Dogs love bones.

What’s Blah:

Towards the beginning of the show, Anjana utters ‘Asshole’ in front of her 4 year old daughter who is in the backseat. Her daughter repeats it too. Not cool!

Why is sex such a big part of the existence of these four girls – almost as if they are puppets and sex is the puppet master. Is it that the creators think that OTT is a big show-all-you-can party?

Okay, fine! So, the girls have sex, but where are the condoms? Promoting unsafe sex, guys? You of all people should know that’s how Anjana got pregnant in the first place – when Varun’s condom broke.

Parting Shot:

Four More Shots Please! leaves much to be desired

Cast and Crew 

Cast: Neil Bhoopalam (Varun Khanna), Maanvi Gagroo (Siddhi Patel), Sayani Gupta (Damini), Bani J (Umang Singh), Kirti Kulhari (Anjana Menon), Prateik (Jeh Wadia), Lisa Ray (Samara Kapoor), Milind Soman (Dr. Aamir Warsi), Amrita Puri (Kavya Arora) and Sapna Pabbi (Akansha Moitra)

Dialogue: Ishita Moitra

Executive producer: Anoop Ram Kumar

Written By: Devika Bhagat

Associate Series Creator: Ishita Pritish Nandy

Directed By: Anu Menon

Created By: Rangita Pritish Nandy

Amazon Prime Original Series Four More Shots Please! is streaming now