Amazon Prime Original Mirzapur Series Review (Part 2) : Most engaging and interesting web series

16 . Nov . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Mirzapur Amazon Prime Original is now streaming 
  • Ali Fazal aces in Mirzapur series
  • Pankaj Tripathi has the best lines

The much awaited Mirzapur web series is now streaming all the episodes on Amazon Prime. Prime has given us a couple of India centric web series earlier, Breathe and Inside Edge. Mirzapur is the first web series from Amazon Prime to be based in rural India and talk about organised crime in the rural Badlands of India – this time, the battleground being Mirzapur.

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As said in our previous review, the story of Mirzapur is simple and reminiscent of the Bollywood masala films of the eighties. A dreaded don, Akhandanand Tripathi, aka Kaleen Bhaiya rules over the illegal arms trade in Mirzapur. His family includes his son, Munna, his second wife, Beena and his father, known only as Bauji. His son, Munna, makes life difficult for him with his gun toting, shooting from the hip way. During one of these incidents, he shoots a groom and that brings the Tripathi family with the Pandit family, comprising of a lawyer and his two sons, Guddu Pandit and Bablu Pandit.

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While that’s the basic concept of the series, the script has everything that makes an iconic crime-based web series. There’s confidence, there’s deceit, there’s violent and people caught in the violence. There are people with a conscience and then others with a conscience as weak as a paper boat on a rainy day.  The gritty screenplay that’s a twisted ride gets out of the 80s hangover almost immediately once the characters are introduced and set up.

Creators Karan Anshuman and Puneet Krishna create intense and engaging characters. They know this is 2018 and need their characters to be as cutting edge as they are rooted in retro, rustic India. However, the two keep the core of good storytelling in mind – evil emanates only when the righteous keep quiet. So, the screenplay is smattered with the antagonists doing what they shouldn’t, because the other, like-minded people just keep glaring away at the unseen horizon, maybe waiting for the right time to strike, or maybe they are just too taken up by the messiah concept and are waiting for someone to come out and save them.

What’s wow: Direction is spot on. Style of using lighting on the character’s faces during shots creates a whole new hue for the storyline and reminiscent of classic indie film-making. The performances are A-Grade, award material all along the plate.

What’s Blah: With so many characters, some of them seem under used or convenient plot points. But with a second season on its way, we are sure the show creators have something in mind for them.

Parting Shot: Mirzapur looks promising. With the old school script, it’s a treat for the retro lovers.

Cast and Crew

Cast:Pankaj Tripathi, Ali Fazal, Vikrant Massey, Divyendu Sharma, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Rasika Duggal, Shriya Pilgaonkar

Directed By : Gurmmeet Singh, Karan Anshuman and Mihir Desai