Amazon Prime offers Jumanji premiere to Prime Members

01 . Dec . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

In what could be the first step towards a hybrid content broadcasting scenario, Amazon Prime is offering its US Prime members a blue carpet premiere of the upcoming Dwayne Johnson starrer Jumanji. The action-adventure film is a sequel to the 90s smash hit Robin Williams starrer Jumanji. The premiere is well planned, with the theatres having Jumanji themed photo booths as well as some film related giveaways.

This could be the first time that a streaming platform is tying up with a big budget film and its brick-and-mortar premiere. It could also be a clarion call to creating a hybrid environment for streaming and mainstream films. Since Netflix and Amazon became big, collaborations between theatre premieres and the streaming platforms are unheard of. Now that Amazon has taken the first step with its Prime, will other streaming platforms follow suit?