Amazon Prime’s Mirzapur Teaser introduces us to Kaleen Bhaiya

10 . Oct . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute
  • Mirzapur series gets its first teaser trailer
  • Kaleen Bhaiya promises an interesting journey

Farhan Akhtar is back to wow us with the next Amazon Prime web series Mirzapur and the teaser trailer is out now. The Mirzapur teaser trailer introduces us to a character, Kaleen Bhaiya, who seems as dangerous and colourful as they come. The teaser has Kaleen Bhaiya narrating who he is, and what Mirzapur is all about.

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Until now, the teaser is the most amount of information that we have about the series. As the teaser shows, the series will talk about the burgeoning illegal arms in India, something an open secret in India. Illegal arms have played a big role in the rise and rise of criminals in India, with many of them carrying out their first assassinations and shootouts with the help of the illegal handguns, known as ‘kattas’. Many films that have spoken about crime and criminals set in the eighties and nineties have had scenes of criminals using these guns to mow down their enemies.

You can watch Mirzapur Teaser below