Amazon Prime makes popular movie franchise ‘The Purge’ into a series

28 . Aug . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Streaming platform Amazon Prime has announced a new web series The Purge, based on the popular movie franchise by the same name. The series, like the film, is set in an authoritarian America where every year the citizens are given a 12 hour period where they can commit any crime and they will not be prosecuted for it as it would be legal.

The series will stream on the platform on September 5. It will star Gabriel Chavarria, Amanda Warren and Lili Simmons.  The trailer of the series is definitely a precursor of what is in store of the audiences and the thought of having a 12 hour window to commit any crime is a scary thought.

The horror franchise films have been widely accepted, which paved the way for the Amazon Prime series. In all four films have been made in the franchise, the last one came as recent as July 2018.

Watch the trailer of the series here: