Amazon Prime has its Big Series with Jack Ryan

24 . Aug . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The competition between big streaming content producers is heating up as days pass. Netflix had a well of intense content with their Marvel tie-up. That well will dry up in a few months, with most of Marvel content going to the Disney streaming channel that’s coming up. This is the right time for Amazon Prime to go in for the kill – and it is going in for the kill with Jack Ryan, the web series based on the books written by Tom Clancy.

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Jack Ryan is happy news for several types of fans – fans of Tom Clancy novels, fans of action thrillers and fans of John Kransinki. The series has been hyped and at a recent screening at a suburban theatre in Mumbai, the hype was justified.

The first episode of the series was screened, exclusively for MAMI members and others, and Jack Ryan could be Amazon Prime’s first big series – one that will compete against the Netflix ones both in terms of depth and canvas.

This could be the biggest preview for a web series in India and the entire venue was decorated to celebrate Jack Ryan and it all makes sense when the first episode hits the screens. The first episode is almost entirely shot on location, and the cinematographer captures the natural beauty with some stunning camera work.

The first episode has all that an audience can wish for – a smattering of humor, a truckload of action and a haunting storyline whose aspects will have audiences cringing.  The initial episode promises a nerve-wracking but entertaining experience for action and espionage fans.

John Kransinki is engaging and believable in his outing as an analyst who is thrust out in the field. He brings out a fresh phase in the character – quite different from the confident, serious way in which Harrison Ford played in him the films of the 90s, Clear and Present Danger and Patriot Games.

Amazon Prime will stream Jack Ryan on 31st August.