Amazon Prime drops Gurshiran Khamba from Gormint

15 . Nov . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute
  • Gurshiran Khamba is no longer part of Gormint

Amazon Prime was gungho about an upcoming show, Gormint, a satirical show by All India Bakchod, of which Gurshiran Khamba was an important part. Now, with the #MeToo movement hitting AIB and the comedy collective suspending activities, Amazon Prim has announced that Khamba is no longer part of Gormint. This is the latest example of a celebrity losing out on a project because of the #MeToo movement.  AIB, after being slammed, has more or less stopped making any videos or working on any other project.

Gormint has been fraught with problems since its inception. Earlier, Irrfan Khan, who was supposed to play a major role in the show pulled out because of his battle with cancer.

There have been rumours that foreign companies are looking keenly at all the Indian actors and talent that they have signed up in the wake of the #MeToo movement. Earlier, Sajid Khan was dropped from Housefull 4, which had a foreign producer. Previously, Netflix dropped Kevin Spacey from House of Cards, after allegations of sexual harassment cropped up against him. The latest season of House of Cards doesn’t feature the prolific actor.