Amazon may spend USD 1 bn or more for LOTR 5 season series

07 . Apr . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Amazon definitely grabbed a lot of traction having grabbed the global TV rights of The Lord Of The Rings series for USD 250 million. But now it seems that the series will be a billion dollar affair and maybe more.

Earlier, it was expected that the series – based on the fantasy novels by J.R.R. Tolkien – would cost 500 million dollars to Amazon. Peter Jackson, who directed the film version of the book, took three films to complete The Lord of the Rings. And Amazon wants to stretch it to five seasons.

For Amazon, this series will be its very own version of HBO’s Game Of Thrones. The problem though is that GOT was a new story for the digital audiences, while LOTR is already a known story thanks to its Hollywood adaptation. All eight seasons of the HBO show will then have a combined budget of around US$770 million – way cheaper than what Amazon plans to spend on LOTR series.

The irony for anyone looking forward to the Amazon series is that the film version is available to stream on Amazon’s rival streaming service Netflix.