Amazon finances 3 Funny Or Die short films for Prime Video

25 . Oct . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Amazon is set to finance the production of 3 Funny Or Die comedy short films – Lovebirds, The Jury and Soojung Dreams of Fiji – which will stream on Prime Video exclusively on November 10. This deal, is part of Amazon Video Direct program, a platform to distribute content on the e-commerce giant’s video platforms.  For Amazon, this investment will be a first of its kind.

Lovebirds is written and directed by Ahamed Weinberg and features a lonely young man who is forced to fall in love with a woman in his apartment complex.

The Jury is written and directed by Anna Kerrigan and involves a group of strangers called for jury duty, who embark on a quest to find the mysterious odor filling the room.

Soojung Dreams of Fiji is a documentary-satire written by SJ Son and directed by Hye Yun Park and talks about a first-generation Korean-American Soojung Yoon.