Amazon cancels 3 lesser known web series

19 . Jan . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Amazon Prime is spending a lot, left, right and centre but it also doing some load shedding now and then. Joining the list of ‘bye bye’ is the Jean Claude Van Johnson, I Love Dick and One Mississippi. Jean Claude Van Johnson raised intrigue when it was first spoken of – after all, it the concept was of an action star whose career was a cover for him being a secret agent. However, there was little buzz about it and it’s no surprise that not many are mourning the demise.

I Love Dick also had a bit of buzz when it was first spoken about and launched, but the buzz deprecated quickly and reached nadir. Again, not a big surprise that only some media outlets are even reporting that the series is wrapping up.  Another one that’s biting the dust after three runs is One Mississippi, a black comedy about a female author who’s returning to her hometown after her mother’s death, all the while handling her own health issues.

This decision to scrap programming comes close on the heels of news about Amazon Prime paying big money to get the Lord of the Rings series off the ground. Amazon Prime is also opening their purse strings for reality and sports based web series. Whether this trend is about getting more reality into the streaming or just clearing off web series that didn’t work is anyone’s guess.