ALTBalaji’s CYBERSQUAD promises to assault your intelligence

14 . Jul . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

From the looks of it, ALTBalaji right now has everything, the money, the resources, the talent – except one thing – logic.  ALTBalaji web series have been demeaning logic since April. We thought the biggest assault to logic was ‘Class of 2017’, but the creators over at ALTBalaji have managed to surprise us with ‘Cybersquad’.  The series shows ALTBalaji is desperate to use and reuse concepts and actors. This one is again based in a school and even has one of the characters from ‘Class of 2017’.

Indian film-makers have a warped idea of IT and technology. Even feature films are yet to get a grasp over how IT works but Cybersquad takes the cake. The series shows how disconnected the director and screenplay writer is with the world of technology. Exhibit A:

The very wording is an insult to anyone who has ever taken up computing and programming as a career. It’s proof that not a lot of thought has gone into making the series realistic or even close to how the world of hacking works.

Exhibit B, which you can hear in the trailer,  the series actually has a schoolboy talking about hacking Facebook’s servers like it’s a walk in the park. IT professionals can have a laugh about how off-the-cuff that dialogue in the trailer is.

There’s this buzz that one can’t judge a film from its trailer – but well, we can at least get an idea of how things will end up. And right now, it doesn’t look very good for Cybersquad.

You can watch the trailer here :-