ALTBalaji turns classic Zaban Sambhal Ke into crass, crude humor

16 . Oct . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute
  • ALTBalaji turns Zaban Sambhal Ke into crude humor

There’s a saying that adding crass humor is the simplest thing to do. ALTBalaji has gone the very simple route while bringing back Zaban Sambhal Ke, the classic comedy series made by Pankaj Kapur back in the day.

The original series was about a bunch of people from all over the world coming together to learn Hindi to hilarious consequences. In the ALTBalaji series, this premise is misused to add crass humor that’s better placed in a private Whatsapp group.

The current series has three women, and at least in the teaser they seem to be just eye candy. The teaser will disappoint anyone who has fond memories of the original series.

Watch the Trailer below: