ALTBalaji releases first poster of PM Selfiewallie

19 . Sep . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

ALTBalaji has been dabbling with new and fresh ideas for their streaming platform. Several new web series are now part of ALTBalaji’s inventory and the latest to join the list is PM Selfiewallie.

ALTBalaji has released the first poster of the web series and it looks cool.

The unique concept tells about Sanya, a young NRI who ends up becoming the India’s Prime Minister. The show features Nityami Shirke, Sayed Raza and others. Beena, known for her roles in TV will be making her web streaming debut.

ALTBalaji is dabbling with stories about politics now. Other streaming channels, Netflix and Amazon have their political dramas that speak about unusual people who become leaders of their state. Amazon had Designated Survivor, a series about a low ranked Minister who becomes the President of the United States. Netflix recently brought Madam Secretary, which tells about a woman married to a CIA agent becoming the Secretary of State.