ALTBalaji salutes the spirit of true love through a video series Bebaak Pyaar Ki Kahaani

12 . Sep . 2020
Reading Time: 2 minutes

When it comes to the genre of romance and telling beautiful love stories, no one can better portray it better than ALTBalaji. With the recently launched romantic drama Bebaakee that garnered immense appreciation from viewers, the OTT player has once again established itself as the most trusted platform in this genre. As Bebaakee showcases the story of Sufiyaan, who is Bebaak and madly in love with Kainaat, ALTBalaji launched a video series on social media called Bebaak Pyar Ki Kahaani featuring real-life couples. With these real-life love stories of Bebaak couples, ALTBalaji salutes the spirit of true love.

Bebaak Pyaar Ki Kahaani Video series features three lovely couples namely Mihir Joshi-Neha Joshi, Priyanka-Prathamesh, and Amit-Aditya, who faced different difficulties in their love life, but they were determined to get their love and managed to be with them after tackling all the problems. Each video features a couple telling their Bebaak love stories that are truly inspiring.

The heartfelt story of childhood sweethearts Priyanka and Prathamesh takes you to the time where two people fell in love over landline phones. Overcoming love despite being from different communities, is what makes them Bebaak. On the other hand, one can be proud of Amit and Aditya, who met at a party in New York. Their story tells that when you’re in love, you go all the way. What makes them Bebaak is that they didn’t think what people think, for they knew that they are made for each other. Lastly, the romantic fairytale of Mihir Joshi and Neha, a radio jockey fell in love with his listener and overcame and convinced their parents and friends on their age gap as well to be a Bebaak couple, we all can be proud.

Bebaakee is a story of love, passion, and madness between two people, Sufiyaan and Kainaat. With their mutual love for journalism bringing the two together, what follows is a series of events that are a roller coaster ride filled with emotions. Despite destiny bringing them together, they are unable to understand whether their chemistry is driven by love or hate. While things seem to be pretty plain sailing for the two, life takes an unexpected turn once Sufiyaan’s friend Imtiaz (Karan Jotwani) enters their life takes. While Imtiaz is what every woman wants, Sufiyaan sets out on a mission to ruin Kainaat and Imtiaz after seeing the two getting attracted to each other. Amidst all the chaos caused by Imtiaz, one wonders what will happen to him, and if Kainaat and Sufiyaan end up together?

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