ALTBalaji Original The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family Review: It is Not Typical Family Viewing

10 . Oct . 2018
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  • Kay Kay Menon does a great job of bringing the character of a flawed army man

ALTBalaji’s latest web series brings an eclectic mix of talent. Swaroop Sampath, Kay Kay Menon, Barun Sobti and others star in this modern imagining of a rich family that for once doesn’t have a burgeoning business that has 50 gazillion dollars’ worth of property. Kay Kay Menon and Barun play brothers Vikram and Samar. Sampath plays their mother. Vikram and Samar are married to Geeta (Shriswara) and Sonali (Eisha Chopra).  Vikram and Geeta are parents to a boy who is hearing impaired. The family looks cute and all, but deep beneath, there are some secrets and revelations that threaten the family’s very fabric.

The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family is a bold, new telling of the Indian family. The stories are different and looks like the writing department wants to bring bolder, newer subjects with every web series that they are out with. The screenplay is quick to come to the point, and after the first high point, it moves at a breathless pace.

Kay Kay Menon gives a good performance and so does Barun Sobti. Shriswara does a good job as well in the role that she’s been given. Eisha Chopra, who’s not just an actor but also the writer of the show, has created some good characters and does a good job of playing one of the integral characters in the show as well.

What’s Wow: The performances are good, and the concept is nice. The aspect of a modern family having secrets is new for Indian audiences and the streaming audiences as well. ALTBalaji does a good job of bringing these ideas to the streaming audience.

What’s Blah: While the concept is good, the screenplay leaves a lot to be desired. The high point of the screenplay, that should come in the midpoint of the series hits out in the very second episode. Post that, the other problems tumble out and it all looks a bit made up. The characters are enacted well, but all of them are one-dimensional. The screenplay doesn’t give them time or space to evolve.

Parting Shot: A good addition to the ALTBalaji playlist

Cast and Crew 

Cast: Kay Kay Menon, Barun Sobti, Shriswara, Eisha Chopra

Director: Rajlaxmi Ratan Seth

The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family is now streaming on ALTBalaji