ALTBalaji Gandii Baat 2 Review:  A good concept with interesting stories

08 . Jan . 2019
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ALTBalaji has long been known for giving what it promises. It promised horrex with Ragini MMS Returns, it promised an army thriller with The Test Case, so and so forth. Sometime this year, ALTBalaji promised an insight into the weird, whacky world of rural sex and sex lives. Now, we have a sequel to that web series.

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Gandii Baat Season 2 is an anthology of quick-fire, twisted tales of lust, love and everything in between. The four episode mini-series is moulded in the ways of the soft-core stories that are a part of every adolescent’s growing up years. Only this time, the stories are a bit female-centric and that’s what adds to the flavour.

What’s WOW: Nobody can deny that the stories are interesting and have twists that the typical Indian audience won’t see – because they aren’t tuned into the foreign web series. And the home grown content creators don’t have the guts to show these stories on the small screen. The 40 minute play time also works, because the wafer thin scripts are basically a platform for the hot and heavy.

What’s Blah: The performances are sub par. The director concentrates more on every actress’ bosom more than her face – there’s literally an episode that’s about the bosom of a girl who’s about to get married. In the hands of a better experienced director, at least one episode could become the gritty, noir story that ALTBalaji camp wanted.

The issue is that the creators are confused whether they want to titillate or make the audience think. The moment the audience sees the garish, colourful attire and the padded bras strewn across the screenplay, there’s little chance they are looking for thought provoking content.

The other issues are the performances. Apart from Flora Saini, every other actor who plays characters are inter changeable. None of them remain with the audience. So, the stories lose steam already.

Parting Shot: A good concept with interesting stories, but is marred by childish direction

Cast and Crew

Cast : Flora Saini, Anveshi Jain, Aman Maheswari, Rahul Jaittly, Kamla Devi

Directed by: Sachin Mohite

Gandii Baat 2 is streaming on AltBalaji now