ALTBalaji Original: Haq Se

30 . Jan . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

ALTBalaji is one of the few homegrown streaming platforms and has been pushing content since some time last year. It started with a bang with The Test Case and since then, has been consistently releasing content. Beginning with web series like Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat, DevDD, it went into bigger projects like Bose: Dead/Alive and now, Haq Se

Haq Se starts as a story of a family, comprising of two women, and the four daughters of one of the women, the Mirza family. The daughters are young women with their own minds and set to live life on their terms. The eldest, Meher, signs up to intern with the charismatic doctor Naushad Rizvi. Jannat Mirza is a freelancer who wants to change Kashmir with her blog, while Rabiyah and Amal Mirza are still finding their footing in a world full of grown-ups.

But that’s just the top-line of the story. Under this, there’s a lot more sub-text about women living in a man’s world – however shielded world that is. The dreamy doc may have murdered his wife. The blog’s no longer an innocent diary, and children finding their footing in a world full of grown-ups are destined for heartbreak, sometime or the other.

What’s Wow: This, quite frankly, could be one of the most thought about scripts to come on a streaming platform this year. The story’s well thought of, the characters are the essence of the on-going and you can feel the layers that the lead characters have.  Really, the scriptwriters have spoilt the audience this time around. How ahead of the game do you have to be to put the character of an alleged killer and proven benevolent doctor in what’s basically a drama about women?

It’s said that in films, it’s the small things that make up the bigger picture and few web series prove it like Haq Se does. Come for the story and performance and Haq Se for the quirky twists that are masterstrokes.

What’s Blah:  Surprisingly, nothing.

Parting Shot: ALTBalaji is changing the way we look at streaming media. It’s no longer just something’s that made on zero budget – here be stories we should watch.

Cast: Rajeev Khandelwal, Surveen Chawla, Parul Gulati, Nikessha, Rukshar Rehman, Simone Singh, Parvail Gulati, Ravi Khemu, Karanvir Sharma