ALT Balaji’s next based on stage drama ‘ FourPlay ‘

01 . Aug . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Extending the remake race after Hip Hip Hurray, ALT Balaji will now adapt a comedy play. Popular stage drama FourPlay starring Rajesh Khattar, Gaurav Chopra and Natasha Singh among others, will now be adapted for Balaji’s digital platform.

Several naughty couples want to ‘borrow’ the Malhotra’s posh Mumbai flat for a rendezvous and due to unfortunate confusion they all show up on the same night. Interestingly, FourPlay is itself an adaptation of the super hit play ‘Move over Mrs.Markham’ by Ray Cooney and John Chapman.

Vandana Sanjani Khattar, who has directed the play, will also direct the web series. Besides this, Gaurav will also reprise his role as a casanova, while the rest of the cast is expected to witness some change.