ALT Balaji’s Boygiri Trailer Is Too Much of the Same Stuff

11 . Apr . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Balaji is trying out the old ‘men are like that only’ concept on the digital platform with Boygiri. Incidentally, Ekta Kapoor had earlier produced ‘Masti’, the Bollywood film that inspired several corny comedies in later years.

Boygiri’s trailer shows six men, Advait, Bandah, Manjot, Ravi, Bajju and Pragnesh, who are looking to get it on with someone.  In the trailer, one is looking for a threesome; another is looking for a good way to propose his girlfriend, someone else is looking to donate sperm. There’s a scene that hints at lesbian intercourse too.

The trailer seems to be cut from just one episode and since it’s a trailer there’s little space for character creation and presentation. There are some humorous moments in the trailer. It remains to be seen whether the series shows chemistry between the actors and if there are some interesting sequences. With such an old concept, only a crisp screenplay and script can save this series.

The series streams on April 16th, 2017.