Alok Nath’s Slam Poetry is a thoughtful story all Indians should know

12 . Feb . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

While menstrual hygiene is being talked about all over, there’s one more aspect that’s still not found acceptance in India – the needs of the elderly. Adult diapers still have a taboo over them, with even medical stores thinking that they are needed only for someone who’s gone through an accident or something.

However, Friends Adult Diapers plans to change all that – starting with this video of India’s favourite Grandpa, Alok Nath. In character, Alok Nath recites a slam poetry that’s as poignant as it’s entertaining – and with a message for everyone who’s ever interacted – or decided not to – with the elderly.

The video is a definite product placement but is done in a tasteful way, with the brand name and imagery not thrust onto the screens like how other companies are doing. It’s refreshing to see that the brand decided to keep the concept over and above the branding and other aspects, creating a thoughtful video that’s above crass commercialism now.

This is another example of brands understanding that it’s content that the online audiences are looking for and not commercial broadcasts.

Watch this video here: