All you need to know about Amazon Prime’s first tamil series, Vella Raja

06 . Dec . 2018
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Amazon Prime Video today announced a collaboration with Dream Warrior Pictures to launch Vella Raja – its first Prime Exclusive Series in Tamil for Prime members.


The story involves the thrilling trap of the drug dealer ‘Deva’ along with the strange people falling in the trap as hostages of the drug lord unknowingly due to various situations inside ‘Bawa Lodge’. Many questions and mystery develops with blood shedding enthrallment. Clumsiness among the characters occurs who has rare connection to the incidents such that mystery will be uncertainly revealed with the contagious craze for attaining Deva’s throne.

Many lives are sacrificed with the gun shots and many fears lead to throat sweating throttles of Demonic beast. Threats, weapons, blood, bullets, swords, dust, drugs, bruises and fire become the description drug lord’s style.

The endless cat and mouse game gets furious at every heating point whereas the cat’s patience and the mouse’s incomparable gestures becomes the gusting moments of the play.

Dreadful and tragic trap involves the flashback, betrayal, revenge, emotions, comeback, fear and action which ends up with unbelievable mystery breakdown.

Cast and Crew 

Cast: Bobby Simba, Parvatii Nair, Gayathrie Shankar, Kaali Venkat

Produced By: SR Prakash Babu & SR Prabhu

Directed By: Guhan Senniappan

Music Directed By: Vishal Chandrashekhar

Edited By: Philomin Raj


Deva: Deva is the leading drug lord in the city who has a threat for death if he comes out of his Kingdom. He is the evil who is surrounded with a dangerous trap inside and outside whereas he makes people to fall in his feet without having a peck of trust about life. He is the King and he is the demon of conquering power, money and lives!

Theresa: Theresa is the strong commanding officer who is in the great thirst to remove the dust and traces of criminals. Powerful but Patience is her path to sue the injustice. Her experience in filling up bright sun rays into the hollowed pits be her only vision. She is the only authority who has power to change the destiny of ruthless drug lord.

Aadhira : An ambitious advocate who tries to wipe out the sorrow of cancer affected victims caused by ‘Century Copper Industry’ and she fights for justice to abolish the factory which emits cancerous substances.  She understands the major problems of needy and strives to work hard in spite of threats with the endless quench for justice even if she is not supported by her own family.

Pugazhendhi: Pugazhendhi is a middle class PT teacher who desires to do something for the development of the school he works in. He suggests to his higher officials with an idea of sending the students for a reality show to publicize about the school’s awful scenario and ask for help.

Release Date 

Premiering on December 7, 2018, across more than 200 countries and territories, Vella Raja will also be available exclusively for Prime members with Telugu and Hindi language dubbing.

Trailer and Teaser link 

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