Alex Strangelove trailer promises a cute, gay love story

10 . May . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Alex Strangelove is an upcoming film that promises to take a fun, light look at people grappling with same sex love.  The titular character is a young man in college who seemingly has it all, even a hot girlfriend who’s ready to take the next step with him – but all that goes for a toss when he meets an openly gay boy, who is confident enough to immediately accept that he has a crush on Alex Strangelove.

The trailer promises an endearing introspection into teenage love and how even the simplest aspects of love can change the way people think about others and interact with them. The film stars William Ragsdale, Joanna Adler and Isabella Amara. Ben Stiller, who is part of several Netflix projects will produce this. Alex Strangelove is set to stream on Netflix from 8 June.

This is another addition to Netflix’s burgeoning list of school and college based content. Last year, they came up with two web series that talked about life and times of school kids and they opened to good reviews – though one of them was scrapped after the first season streamed.

Watch the trailer here: