Airtel’s Internet TV is the expensive missing link the Indian netizen is looking for.

12 . Apr . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Airtel TV is all set to disrupt the streaming market with a unique product, the Airtel TV. This is a revolutionary set top box which will allow the user to view streaming services like Netflix and others directly via the Set Top Box. Currently, viewers will be able to access Netflix and YouTube content on the STB.

This could have been good news the average TV user who doesn’t want to upgrade their recently bought televisions just so they can access Netflix and YouTube on their televisions. Currently, in India, the simplest way to access streaming services was buying a smart TV. The other way was to buy the Google Chromecast, but there have been issues with the user experience of owning a Chromecast.

The cost of having this internet tv does seem expensive, though.  It is 4999 for 3 months and 8000 for a year. It doesn’t make sense to go for an internet TV connection for anyone who’s looking to buy a new TV, as the cost difference between a so-called ‘dumb’ TV and a Smart TV is around 10k anyway.

But if the prices come down by say 50 percent, this could be a game changer for the Indian streaming market.