After The Last Laugh, Netflix brings Paddleton, another bromance about dying

15 . Jan . 2019
Reading Time: 1 minute
  • Mark Duplass and Ray Romano come to Netflix with Paddleton

We thought Netflix has wracked off all the tears they could from an audience with the Richard Dreyfuss starrer The Last Laugh, but the Big N thinks not yet. This week, we see the trailer for Paddleton, a Netflix Original film about a man who’s dying and decides to spend the rest of his living days with his neighbour.

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Together, they go on a journey that involves viewing ostriches and having a hot tub bath with a bikini clad woman.  The Netflix Original stars Ray Romano and Mark Duplass. Alex Lehmann directs this script that’s written by Mark Duplass and Alex. The film will premiere on Netflix on February 22. It will also have a February premiere at the Sundance.

Watch the trailer here:

Netflix is increasingly adding some subdued content to their inventory. The film is different from the horror, the supernatural and the superhero brand of entertainment that’s been working very well for Netflix. Netflix recently premiered the DC characters based series Titans, which has opened to very positive reviews.