Ae Munda from The Timeliners College Romance is funky dance anthem

23 . Aug . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

If you have too much of Bollywood dance anthems talking about alcohol and booties and one night stands, have a earful of Ae Munda, an innocent dance song that can be enjoyed by anyone from the age of 80 to 8. Picturised on the star cast, the music video is a peppy video that has the cast in character chilling and has some of the cutest moments from the web series.  What’s also refreshing is that the music video doesn’t have any explicit sequences, bare and dare attitude that’s common in Bollywood music videos and explicit lyrics.

Watch the video here:

It’ interesting to see that more and more web series are getting out their singles. Music is a big part of a film or even a tv series, so there’s no reason for it not being a big part of a web series. recently, TVF launched Yeh Meri Family, which Udit Narayan sung. Udit Narayan was at his peak in the eighties and nineties – the timeline that the web series was set in, and it made perfect sense for him to rendition the song.