Actresses who went bold in web series

23 . May . 2018
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The Streaming networks give content creators, actors and actresses great freedom, and these talented individuals use it the right way. With streaming becoming big, bold portrayals are the order of the day. Here, we list five actresses who went all out in streaming projects, whether they are short films, Originals or web series.

Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen, Game of Thrones):

This was, and remains, one of the most popular, followed and viewed web series in the world. Game of Thrones is the series that started all the hullaballoo about web series. And while the story and the characters gripped the audiences, the skinshow in the series was equal parts controversial, aesthetic and satisfying. Emilia Clarke, one of the front runners of the web series has gone all out several times in the series, with consensual as well as sexual assault scenes filmed on her. That’s not to say that nobody else in the series has – but Emilia remains one of the most controversial to do so.

Lucy Lawless (Lucrieta, Spartacus):


Lucy Lawless is an old hand at fantasy, she is most well known for her role as Xena: The Warrior Princess. While that show had her show off her physique, as Lucrieta, she had several intimate scenes shot in the most spectacular manner possible. These sequences were not just sensual, they really brought out the emotion and pathos of living in times when life was cheaper than death.

Alison Brie (Ruth, GLOW):

Nothing prepares you for the introduction of Alison’s character in the web Netflix Original, GLOW. She’s introduced to the audiences before she becomes a professional wrestler and is shown basically having rough and tumble sex with a man – which ends soon. However, Alison has gone all out in this scene and does a lot of skin show.

Karishma Sharma (Ragini, Ragini MMS Returns):

ALTBalaji promised a hot, horror web series with Ragini MMS Returns and they delivered. Karishma Sharma was earlier seen in tv series but she shed her inhibitions and went all out, even featuring in a lesbian kiss with Sakshi Pradhan.

Sakshi Pradhan (Ragini MMS Returns):

Sakshi Pradhan is known for her bold photoshoots and portrayals of characters on screen. When she did a lesbian kiss with Karishma Sharma, she broke the glass ceiling for portrayal of female sexuality in India.

Flora Saini (Inside Edge):

Inside Edge is one of the most important web series for the Indian audiences. It kickstarted the concept of big web series in India and introduced several big names from Bollywood, including Flora Saini. Flora Saini plays a mysterious character in the series and is around for just a couple of episodes, but is portrayed in one of the most realistic intimate scenes in an Indian web series.

These are our pics of actresses who had hottest, bold scenes in a web series. Do you think we missed out on some, tell us!

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