Actor Rohan Khurana recommends arranged marriage to his audience, after working on Firsts Season 4

29 . Jan . 2021
Reading Time: 1 minute

Did you know the characters that actors play in reel life, tend to influence their real life as well? Interesting isn’t it? The roles actors play can do a lot and change an actor’s perspective on things or situations! Speaking of which, Digital actor Rohan Khurana who recently starred in Dice Media’s ‘Firsts’ Season 4 is the perfect example of this!

Before playing the lead role in Firsts Season 4, Rohan did not believe in the concept of arranged marriages, but now he recommends arranged marriage to all his fans and followers. Wonder why?

All excited talking about his perfect Rishta in Firsts Season 4 Rohan says, “Shreya and I worked together for the first time, so portraying the first meeting of our characters in a traditional marriage set up came out very naturally, in our very genuine awkwardness. My experience working on the show actually felt more or less like it was an arranged marriage in real too. However, looking back it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be; and I would definitely recommend arranged marriage to all those looking for a life partner. Agar Mummy Papa ne Rishta laya ho toh dekh hi lo. There is no harm to take chances, you never know you stumble upon your ideal partner whom you have been looking for.”