Actor-director Vinay Jaiswal’s CHEETIYAAN heaping lots of praises

23 . Aug . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Inhuman acts are those who put religion and caste first rather than humanity in decision making. To make people aware and question the behaviour of our society towards the other communities, director-actor Vinay Jaiswal has come up with a short film named ‘Cheetiyaan’.

Short film ’Cheetiyaan’ portrays the harsh reality that underlines the ongoing conflict between Hindus and Muslims community in India. It is a story of two close friends who have now became a part of this religious conflict, understanding the situation of how they and the others have been divided by the things that has been fed to them since their childhood alike the people of the country.

When asked about the idea for making this film he stated that, “My friend and I were talking one day at my house about this Hindu- Muslim split. He, being a religious Muslim, told me quite a few things on which I agreed and disagreed and vice versa. I remember all those hateful things being fed and drilled in my mind when I was a kid and the same was true for him as well. That’s how we came up with this concept.”

Cheetiyaan is my debut film as an actor-director. Its a simple story based on you, me and all of us. India is our country, if we want to keep it together we need to promote education and spread unity.  If are together than we are one family or else nothing. Basically it talks about what India stands for? and what India is?. one should always first listen to their own voice rather following others voice”. Exclaims director Vinay Jaiswal with a hashtag ‘#HINDOSTANHAMARA’.

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The film ‘Cheetiyaan’ is directed by Vinay Jaiswal and it features Akhlaque Khan along with Vinay Jaiswal. The film was released on 15th August 2019 on his own youtube channel ‘VinayScopeOfficial’ and is now garnering lots of appreciation from the audience.