Absentia gets a season 2 by Amazon Prime

14 . Sep . 2018
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Amazon Prime has renewed its web series Absentia for a season 2. The new season is set to release in 2019 in select markets, India being one of them. The others are Australia, Austria, Germany, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore, UK and Turkey.

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The new season will continue to focus on the character of Emily Byrne, who is a FBI agent. In the new season, she will embark on finding answers to her trouble, and what she finds not only troubles her but her family as well.

She is trying to have a normal life with her son and now ex-husband. The new names that will be joining the cast of the show includes names such as Matthew Le Nevez and Natasha Little.

Matthew will be playing the role of an ex-Navy SEAL Cal Isaac. He will be a loyal sympathizer for Emily’s character. Natasha, on the other hand, will be playing a special agent in the show, an FBI profiler.

The series was created by Gaia Violo and Matt Circulnick. It is based on a pilot script originally written by Violo.