Aafreen Fathima Bewafa Hai by Amit Bhadana is hilarious AF

23 . Sep . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

A few months ago, right during demonetization, a note which had ‘Sonam bewafa hai’ (Sonam is unfaithful) became a meme. This was just waiting to become a short format video and Amit Bhadana went ahead and did it.

The video Aafreen Fathima Bewafa Hai is a hilarious take on modern relationships and the comic timing and crackling script by Bhadana makes this a light, fluffy watch. Amit Bhadana impresses with this video. It is one of the few videos that pokes fun and relationships in general without being overly misogynistic. In fact, what it does is give a slice of life of small-town India. You can watch this video here: