A-Zal to do a virtual tour with his new album 17&11 Nights

28 . Sep . 2021
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New York based Indian singer songwriter A-Zal has planned to do a virtual tour with his first solo American pop album ‘17 & 11 Nights‘. It’s a commercial pop album including a variety of tracks from high octane dance numbers to soul stirring melodious songs.

A-Zal has tied up with major clubs and communities in New York, California, Texas and Nashville for his virtual tour which starts in October. Although the experience of performing on stage would be a major miss but taking the current situation into consideration, doing a virtual tour has been the best decision by the entire team. Music community abroad has been supportive of this idea and has been instrumental in making this possible. A-Zal has immense respect for all the people who have backed him for this idea.

A-Zal plans to replicate the same virtual tour in India and the preparations are underway for the same. He wants his audience to experience his live performance and feel the connection, before the release of the album.

A-Zal says,”The way things are shaping up, I am not feeling bad about not being able to do live concerts at the moment! This is the new thing, I would say. A few venues have definitely started to open up, but there were so many factors that went into deciding that we should go virtual. As a matter of fact, in virtual concerts, the interactions from the audience is immense and something that all artists enjoy. The one thing I will surely miss is the energy that thousands of people get into the concert. That energy and sound can never be matched with a virtual concert. I can’t wait to get back on stage, but I have no regrets going virtual as we need to act according to the situation.”

’17&11 Nights’ India virtual tour will soon be announced.


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